Investment Approach


Brookdale's seven partners have spent their entire real estate careers working in the U.S. Sunbelt markets, acquiring, developing, redeveloping, managing, leasing and selling office properties and land. Brookdale's current investment activities continue to be directed by that geographic and property-type experience.

Sharply Focused

Brookdale is a focused investor, concentrating its efforts primarily on value-add office properties located in a limited number of primary and secondary target markets in the Sunbelt region of the United States. Brookdale seeks to invest in multiple office properties, diversified by geography and tenant profile. Brookdale also seeks investment opportunities where value can be enhanced through intensive asset management. Brookdale combines sophisticated capital markets and real estate investment expertise with extensive asset management and operating capabilities.

Highly Responsive

Brookdale has deliberately maintained the firm's relatively small size so as to streamline decision-making efficiency and enhance asset management effectiveness. Because of the firm's horizontal organizational structure and experienced management team, Brookdale has the ability to react quickly to investment opportunities and to proceed expeditiously through the evaluation, due diligence and closing phases of a real estate investment transaction. Above all, Brookdale seeks to maintain the firm's reputation in the industry for its ability to close reliably and quickly on even the most complex transactions.


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