Investment Overview

Institutional Investors

Brookdale's institutional co-investors consist of some of the nation's best known university endowments, foundations and charitable trusts. Through its seven sponsored investment funds to date, Brookdale has enjoyed a working relationship with a total of 41 such institutional investors, 37 of whom are co-investors in the firm's currently active funds.

Services Provided

The Brookdale Group, LLC and Brookdale Realty Services, LLC provide real estate investment services exclusively to the Brookdale-sponsored investment funds. Among the services provided are identification of investment opportunities, evaluation of prospective investments for conformance with each fund's objectives, negotiation and consummation of transactions and ongoing asset management with respect to the funds' portfolios.


Full investment and liquidation discretion is afforded to the Brookdale affiliate that is the sole general partner of each of the Brookdale-sponsored investment funds.

Alignment of Interests

To ensure that a sharp investment focus is maintained and that conflicts of interest between Brookdale and its institutional co-investors in each fund are eliminated or minimized, Brookdale has elected not to provide fee-based services such as property management, leasing or construction management to its investment funds.


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